The Problem

We live in a world full of technology, humans - and demands.

For many generations humanity has again and again redesigned and supposedly perfected its ideas of usability and efficiency – purely in its own interest.   The effects on nature, the basis of life for us all, were either ignored, considered half-heartedly or simply too late.

Industrial environmental pollution, private destruction of nature, overexploitation of resources, contamination of water, air and soil have not left much space for naturalness and harmony with nature in the last centuries.

The problems of our mobile and globally connected societies are

For a long time humans have been changing the basis of their existence by adapting it according to their needs and demands. In many areas their actions have already lead to the destruction of this basis. This carries consequences. Nature finds a way to make life harder for us. Thus it is our duty to encounter these problems with natural means and an eye on compatibility with nature in every aspect.