We also have something against pests. Naturally!

We all know: Without pesticides and insecticides modern agriculture would not be possible. The use of these agents has increased the efficiency and productivity of the agricultural food industry enormously. But the hosts of pests are immense, and every year there are new resistant strains, which make life hard for the producers and sometimes ruin the consumer’s appetite.  Economic setbacks are often the result.

Most applied agents contain chemical substances. The problem: They are toxic. Depending on the product, residuals of these chemicals can be found along the entire food chain, and they sometimes pose significant risk factors. Problems for the environment are automatically the result.

The Difference

The effect of our products is not based on the poisoning of the pests with the consequence that such poison would also contaminate the food stuff. Rather our products are composed of natural active ingredients, which not only protect and conserve the goods but are also not harmful to the environment. Our products

Furthermore our products convince through

We had our products checked again and again in countless tests by independent examiners. The results were always encouraging and confirmed our way. Effectiveness in pest control and compatibility with the environment and safety for humans do not have to exclude each other!

Pest control – with BEDO® a quite natural thing!